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T.Shirts were around well before ‘fast fashion’, evolving from the 19th Century + flourishing as a form of self-expression from the ‘60’s.

The T.Shirt transcends age, gender + geographic barriers. The T.Shirt is worn by everybody.


T.Shirts turn a group into a team, a person into an athlete, words into adverts, send messages, talk to strangers, act as souvenirs, live well beyond their years, get framed, signed and even razzle dazzle on the dance floor.


By turning the power of the humble T.Shirt into a movement causes are able to leverage a $200 billion dollar T.Shirt economy to foster and innovate direct-to-cause giving with a shared economy model. Focussing on the 2 billion T.Shirts sold worldwide each year we have the opportunity to create the largest multi-sector collaboration of its kind.


Activism merch might still serve a purpose, but it needs to be reimagined. Slogan T.Shirts have always been around and are a very prevalent part of the fashion landscape. The future of the slogan T.Shirt isn't about just making a statement anymore, but in how one's buying actions support these catchy one-liners.