We believe the most sustainable T.Shirt is the one already made.

While others focus on sustainability in the purest environmental sense, we look at sustainability with a twist. Making fast fashion count, be circular in an innovative way + contribute not only to a healthier plant, but limitless futures for the next generation.

Nobody is talking about the amount of money going into the hands of very few + the significant social impact this could have by interconnecting economies with a shared economy model using the power of the humble T. Shirt.

Our role in a sustainable world.

 💫 REDUCE excess inventory waste + excessive waste for known brands.

💫 REPURPOSE excess inventory to direct-to-cause giving for the next generation.

💫 REIMAGINE the role of the T. Shirt helping brands achieve greater social impact without disrupting existing business models or behaviours.

💫 RESET mass consumption for social good. We need to reset capitalism in terms of how we are contributing to social good. The responsibility is held collectively. If the T-shirt is already produced, let’s repurpose + reimagine its role, while at the same time advocating for better industry practices.

💫 REVITALISE transactional relationships in retail in favour of deeper partnerships that create shared value. The Together Revolution provides an additional sales channel giving retailers a unique consumer proposition + the ability to impact positively.

What we know.

  • Clothing consumption is predicted to rise by 63% by 2023
  • An estimated $50 billion is lost annually due to unsold stock
  • Some retailers drop over 5,000 new styles a week
  • Brands overproduce by up to 40%
  • The T. Shirt market is worth $200bn with over 2bn T. Shirts sold annually
  • The fashion industry is both an environmental + humanitarian crisis
  • Fashion is one of the most influential industries in the world 
  • Fashion is one of the few industries that intersect with all 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • The industry has an oversupply challenge
Circularity will become the biggest disrupter to the fashion industry in the next decade. Few are under any illusion about the scale of the challenge. It is not the kind of revolution that can be led by a few, a collective effort is required - together we can!